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HCPE Resin

HCPE Resin
Product Detailed
HCPE resinaapaint gradeaa is a irregular resultant after depth chlorination with the low molecular weight polyethylene (PE) .

HCPE resin(paint grade) is a irregular resultant after depth chlorination with the low molecular weight polyethylene (PE) . Generally the quality score of chlorine is bigger than 65%, and it is the main film-forming substances as new generation antiseptic paint. It has the following characteristics.

1,  Compared with the CPVC, the chlorine atom's position on the molecular is the non-rule, the association strength between molecules is extremely low,it is the basic non-crystalline state; But for the CPVC resin, average every five vinyl chloride chain belt has connected to the four chlorine atoms, the molecular arrangement was quite still neat, there are a large crystal, therefore,the paint film have a poor adhesion. In addition, The solubility of CPVC resin is poor, and the solid content is low.

2,  The solubility is good, and more resins can mix with it.

3,  Compared with the CSM, the advantage of HCPE is single-component packaging, it do not use lead oxide, tribasic lead curing agent containing heavy metals.There is no toxicity, and has a broader range of applications.

4,  Compared with the chlorinated rubber,HCPE as the base material of protective coatings retains the advantage of chlorinated rubbers,but overcome the shortcomings of. namely the chlorinated rubbers is on the photochemical reaction and degradation of sensitive chloride because of existing not saturated duplet bond.

5,  Lower price than epichlorohydrin resins, and water resistance is better than the chlorine vinegar resin.

6,  Compared with ordinary HCPE, the viscosity is low, take the Tu-4 coating cup, the quality score as the toluene solution 20%, under the room temperature determines, is not bigger than 50S; Ordinary HCPE viscosity generally above 50S.

7,  May be made into high-solids coatings, reduces the coating cost greatly, and the coating has a fast-drying nature, and has a better compatibility with other resins. Low-viscosity grade HCPE film features: The coating maked by HCPE has a high solid content.There is no double bond in the molecular chain of HCPE.Thus it has excellent resistance to atmospheric aging, water, sea water, brine, chemical atmosphere, acid, alkali , salt, etc. It have so excellent corrosion resistance properties; Construction convenient, one-component packaging, operates the barrel then to use..may under - 15~50°C the environment constructs; film drying quickly; the table dry is less than 10min.Spraying, brushing , dipping are all OK. Coating non-toxic, and has anti-mildew, fire-retardant properties.

  The solubility of our painting type HCPE is about 40%, after the dissolution, basic transparent. The viscosity of low viscosity HCPE(LHCPE) is in 13s-20s, MHCPE is in 25s-60s, Paint type HCPE can be made with a variety of characteristics: anticorrosion primer, the anticorrosion finish coat, the antiseptic varnish, the corrosive enamel, the belt rust rust prevention anti-corrosive varnish, the road marking reflectorized paint and so on. 

Our painting type HCPE have two types, specific targets are as follows








Chlorine Content





Heat Decomposition Temperature





Solution Status



Basic Transparent


Volatile content











Heat Stability





Odor Status




Packing and specification

This product adopts polyethylene bags for internal use and polypropylene bags for external use with net weight of 25 ± 0.2kg per bag.

Storage and transportation

      This product should be stored in dry and ventilated warehouse, stacking height should not be more than 10 bags to prevent sunlight and moisture. Transport must have shelter and be clean to prevent sun, rain and heat. This product is non-dangerous goods.

HCPE Resin

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